Global Jaya has just purchased a K-12 ManageBac Curriculum Account

Global Jaya International School ManageBac

Global Jaya International School has purchased a full account for Year k-12 for ManageBac, this means from next year all PYP, MYP and DP curriculum documents and calendar items will be seamlessly integrated. Firstly, we need to get all Heads of Year and Coordinators comfortable with using the software. Our first day back for teachers will be devoted to Professional Development, and the team from ManageBac will be sending staff to train all of our teachers in how to best use this software. 

All your previous problems with multiple calendars on portal will evaporate, as ManageBac uses on calendar, but filters it according to the user. Our curriculum mapping will be more searchable and all students, teachers and parents will be able to access and browse it.

Of course, ManageBac is not a magic, silver bullet, much work remains to be down, however, we are very hopeful that it will make a significant difference in a number of areas!


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