Combined Indonesian IB Schools Personal Project Exhibition

Our Dunia network will be holding a Combined Indonesian IB Schools Personal Project Exhibition on Saturday the first of June, details are still be worked out but will be as follows;

Booth Set up.

1.1 Each student will have a set up of a single table that is 1 metre long and 40 centimetres wide. (enough for two students to sit comfortably behind) We will provide two chairs and an electric power cord (for laptops displays etc.).

1.2 Behind each table will be a wooden bamboo screen 2 metres high and 2 metres wide – students can glue or stable displays etc to this screen.

1.3 Schools will be grouped? Or should I try and group types of projects? Or just totally random ?


2.1 All students will wear their own school uniform.

2.2 Our school Yayasan will not allow marketing staff or school booths from other schools, but you may bring your own photographer or teacher and also we will have spanduk explaining what the MYP PP is and a copy of each school’s logo and name. (Note, please send me a large resolution copy of your school logos for printing (via email to MYPCoordinator[a]



3.1 Opening from 10.00 until 1.00 pm on Satuday the 1st of June at Global Jaya’s theatre (east gate on Emerald boulevard.). Students may arrive between 9.00am and 10.00am to set up their booths.



4.1 None, GJIS will sponsor this event. Our canteen will be open with refreshments and snacks available.


5.1 – Up to the individual schools as to how they arrive (bus or individual).

5.2 – Arrival time will be between 9.00 and 10.00 am exhibiting students arriving after 10.00 will not be allowed to set up because the Fair will have already been open and we do not want to disturb the others.

5.3 – Visitors and Year 9 students may choose to arrive and leave at any time that it suits them, this is an open exhibition. Visitors may choose to visit one booth or all. Up to them really.



6.1 Schools have the choice as to how many students they invite and as to the range of topics. But a suggestion would be to try and only choose the best displays & projects. I would not advise showing a very low quality project, unless it is particularly special.


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