Community ‘n Service holiday programme 2013

community and service pics at GJIS

This year, eighty-two GJIS students from Year 7 through to Year 10 decided to join our CnS camp to complete our CnS hours. The CnS camp was 3 days and 2 nights and it took place in Tangerang Selatan and Bogor. What we chose to do was teach some children English, so before we left had to prepare several games and lessons. It started with all the students and teachers meeting at the school to at 8:00 am, getting all our bags together to pack into the boot of the bus, divided into groups and then the adventure started.

The first day started by going to a local school called SMP 14 in Tangerang Selatan. It was a hot day in the school with all of us sweating but we all tried to do our best with handling the heat. (I think we sometimes forget that the local schools do not have the everyday luxuries, such as AC, that we take for granted! Pak Liam).

Each group had three classes to attend. Each of these classes would be different, sometimes the class would be noisy, sometimes the class would be quiet, but it would still be fun and exciting to everyone. The teaching was from 9 am – 12 pm. After the teaching was over it was just about time to have lunch so we had lunch in the bus and while we had lunch we were on our way to our next destination, Parama Hotel in Puncak Bogor. It took 3 hours for us to get to the hotel so while we were in the bus there were people, who played games, and there were people who slept and others just looked out the window. Once we got to the hotel we all got checked in. The hotel had a pool with a swirly slide and the air in Bogor was just very cool. At the hotel we had dinner in the hotel restaurant with a selection of foods to choose from. After that we had to gather at the meeting room to discuss about what happened today. After the meeting ended we all went back to our rooms and had a good night sleep.

The next day we had to divide the groups so 6 classes went to a high school and 3 classes went to SDN 04 get ready and be at the lobby by 7 am to leave to our next destination, which are SDN 04 and SMP DQ.  In the SDN 04 we had 3 classes to teach. The SD kids were more quiet and calm rather than the SMP but we still had so much fun doing all this teaching in different schools. The things we taught were games like Hangman, Chinese whisperer, and some English greetings. We started at 9 am – 12 pm again. Once that was over we all went to go to watch or play the basketball games, futsal between GJIS and the orphans children and GJIS versus SMPN 1 Cisarua.  After the games we went back to the hotel to get some rest and after dinner we had the meeting again up to 9pm then we went to go to sleep.

The last day was either to choose to teach them to swim, go to an orphanage, or play soccer. In the swimming class we had the children from the SDN 04 and SDN Jogjogan to get taught. The water was really cold just like ice but it was very exciting and fun. The soccer kids went to play against another school. The people who went to the orphanage had to weigh babies and feed them too.

At the end of this exciting trip, we all ended up having a great time at the camp and also that people get closer as friends while doing our CnS hours but we all had very much fun.

 By Aisha and Clarissa Year 8

cns holiday programme at GJIS

community and service MYP GJIS


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