Countdown Calendar for GJIS 2013

We have four weeks left, and in the time we have a whole lot of activities going on in the Secondary school. Which is great, but best for everyone to remain aware of, here is a summary list of all secondary school activities occurring;

Week 8

  • Tomorrow we have Year 10 Science students going out on a field trip to Muara Angke. to observe the Mangroves in North Jakarta. (Wednesday and Thursday).
  • Year 10 Entrepreneurial Studies classes have set up several booths in Bintaro Plaza and are selling their products as part of their course.
  • Friday evening is our PTA presenting their Annual TSAN.
  • Saturday 1st of June is the Combined IB Schools’ MYP Personal Project Exhibition.

Week 9

  • Secondary Sports Banquet teamed with the SSS Anti-Addiction Assembly on Monday afternoon.
  • Year 11 will have a collapsed timetable day on Tuesday for their TOK Presentations.
  • Year 9s are going to Bandung for a Geological Science & Humanities Field Trip, including a visit to several volcanoes.
  • The whole school will be celebrating World Environment Day on June 5th, with a number of in class activities and also visibly by wearing green instead of our school uniform for the day.
  • Model United Nations (MUN) GJIS General Assembly on June 5th from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. at the MPH (formerly known as the PVAC).
  • Final day for submission of report comments to Principals Wednesday 5th.
  • A holiday on the Thursday for Isra Miraj of Prophet Muhammad SAW (Ascension of Prophet Muhammad SAW).
  • Food Technology is taking the Year 10s to Hotel Gran Melia for a cooking course. (Wednesday and Friday).
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday will see 9 MYP teachers and a similar number of PYP and DP teachers going to BIS to up date their skills at the IB Regional Workshops.

Week 10

  • Monday afternoon we have the secondary ARTS Assembly, inflatable sharks, live pinball and a Star Wars theme.
  • Last day to up load report data to Accelerus on Tuesday 11th.
  • Wednesday afternoon we have the Year 10 Les Miserables performance.
  • The Year 12 Film Studies class are returning to present the best of their Film Studies class on Thursday afternoon.
  • An MYP Art Exhibition will be on in the theatre the whole week.
  • Year 8s are going to Bandung for the same excursion as the Year 9s. (as the trip is moving down a year in the curriculum) Geological Science & Humanities Field Trip. (Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • Year 10s will all be participating in an IB Diploma Introduction for 3 days, (Wed-Fri).

Week 11

  • Monday we have the official GJIS Year 12 Graduation.
  • Tuesday the Year 10 GJIS MYP Certificate Ceremony.
  • Wednesday Year 7 and 8 MYP Science Fair and Year 9 MYP Beijing Exhibition (an interdisciplinary effort between ARTS and LOTIE).
  • Reports to Tutor Group Teachers Wednesday 19th.
  • Secondary Interhouse Carnival Day on Thursday.
  • Friday is our final day and includes our MYP and Year 11 Awards Ceremony.
  • Students will be given their reports at Tutor group (which will be after prayer) and may leave at 1.00pm.
  • Teachers will be having a final farewell lunch and may leave at 1.30 (buses will go at 1.45pm).

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