Teacher Inservice Agenda Prior to start of 2013-2014 New Year

The holidays are just about over, a new year is upon us. Today is the first day for new staff (expatriate and local) who have a two day induction programme. All GJIS staff start back at 8.00am Wednesday 14th August. We have a three day programme of teacher professional development, meetings and personal preparation and planning time. (Agenda below, including a full day of PD and work on our new curriculum mapping tool, ManageBac).

All students start back on Monday 19th August. For the first three days students may go home at midday, Wednesday will be the first full day back for all students. This year we are also running a new student induction programme on Monday and Tuesday afternoon. (Agenda available and will be posted later).Agenda’s for;

new staff induction days at GJIS

Draft Schedule for Teaching PD Days Term 1 – 2013-2014


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2 Responses to Teacher Inservice Agenda Prior to start of 2013-2014 New Year

  1. Roxanne says:

    Your induction is so Educationally uninspiring. I want to work at your school while tapping out the last decade of my teaching career. It’s a joy to see a school so dedicated to ‘total lack of innovation’ and just letting the bureaucrats talk down. It’s refreshing! Keep it up!

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Hi Roxanne,

    What changes would you suggest ? I’d be very interested to know and would also consider pushing our admin for changes to the programme if they were workable ideas.

    Pak Liam

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