Possible overseas Teaching opportunity for Bahasa Indonesian teachers…

I know of a school looking for Bahasa Indonesian teachers to work in a small school in the highlands of PNG.

They are trying to decide how much salary they should offer, (plus flights, medical insurance, shipping stuff, free housing etc.)

I suggested they would need to offer at least 20,000 IDR ($2,000) per month.

What do you think ?

And if you know of any teachers out of contract interested, let me know.



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Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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3 Responses to Possible overseas Teaching opportunity for Bahasa Indonesian teachers…

  1. Hannah Walker says:

    Hi Pak Liam,

    When I first read your post, I got excited, thinking you said the job was in Papua, not PNG. I’m interested in teaching Bahasa Indonesia (Lang B) or Bahasa Inggris (Lang B or A), but would rather work in Indo…

    Hope you find someone!

    Regards, Miss Hannah-Charis Walker Indonesian Teacher – Primary and Secondary Southern Christian College 150 Redwood Rd, Kingston, Tasmania 7052

    e: hannah.walker@scc.tas.edu.au

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Yep, this particular job is most certainly in PNG, not Papua, though it is not far from the border.
    Our school is suddenly looking for a BI teacher, https://gjismyp.wordpress.com/2013/08/26/looking-for-a-new-bahasa-indonesia-teacher/ though we only employ Indonesian nationals to teach BI.

    Currently, we have enough English teachers as the recruiting period for overseas teachers is usually around Jan-April.

  3. Pak Liam says:

    Please note that think things have changed at that school now and I am not sure if they are looking for a BI teacher any more.

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