Term 1 Calendar for Global Jaya International School

We are already in week 2 and are busy, busy, busy! Of course you can access the school calendar here if you have your password (call the school to obtain a new one if you have forgotten it) However, a summary would be;

Week 2

Wednesday 28th
New Parents And Year 7 Meeting  at 8:00 AM

Friday 30th
Year 10 Parents Meeting at 8.00am

Week 3

Tuesday 3rd
Year 12 Parents’ Meeting at 8:00 AM

Wednesday 4th
Year 11 Parents’ Meeting at 8:00 AM

Thursday 5th-Saturday 7th
New Teachers MYP Induction Course

Week 4

Monday 9th September
Year 12 TOK Presentation Day

Wednesday 11th September
Yr 12 Economists Bank of Indonesia Field Trip

Week 5

Thursday 19th September International Peace Day Competition

Week 6

Monday 23rd
Int’l Peace Day Assembly

Year 7 Jogya Camp – All Week

JAAC JR Track and Field – Sep 27th @ JIS

Week 7

JAAC JR U13 Badminton Invitational – Oct 4th @ SWA
JAAC JR U15 Badminton – Oct 5th @ SWA
JAAC SR Volleyball – Oct 5th @ SPH

Week 8

Thursday 10th October and Friday 11th October Mid Semester Conferences
Year 11’s MYP optional eAssessment Trial
Ubud Writers’ Festival (Friday 11th-Wednesday 15th of October)

Term 1 Break


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3 Responses to Term 1 Calendar for Global Jaya International School

  1. Sorry–I reblogged your post by mistake. I enjoy following your blog, and while reading it, I pushed the wrong button! (no need to post this comment.)

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Sorry, I have comments automatically posted. No big deal, but I must admit I was interested as to why you thought my post, out of many was worthy of a reblog. Mistaken button, makes p-erfect sense now ! no harm done and great to hear you read what I post!

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