Thank-you for a very successful IB Dunia Teachers’ Conference 2013

IB Dunia Teachers' Conference 2013

What a big day, what a buzz around the school. We have heard lots of positive feedback about the organisation, about the school, about our students, about the keynote speech, about the presenters and even about the food! For sure there were a few hiccups, but nothing that we could not solve, and ideas to use for the future. 

I think I will take a leaf of Pak Chris’ Welcome Speech and thank groups of people, because so many people were involved to ensure that this day was a success and I dare not inadvertently miss anyone.

Firstly, we would like to thank Ian Davies, (British IS) Mary Collins, Bandung IS) Barbara Wiemers (Jakarta IS) and the school’s IB Dunia Teachers’ Conference Committee, it was many months of behind the scenes work and effort to ensure that this day happened.

We would like to thank Dr Lynn Erickson who traveled…

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