GJIS Planning Day Term 2 – 2013


Agenda for PD Term 2, 2013-2014



Times Title PIC Location


 Internal PD Options

(See attached page for details.)

 Pak Jonathan & Pak Marc  MPR1 or MPR3




break time




 MYP Action Planning & Evidence gathering

(See attached page for details.)


 HODs  Various





 MYP Action Planning & Evidence gathering (cont.)


 HODs  Various


 Personal Preparation  Individuals  Various

Internal PD Options

There are two PD sessions being run on October 21st between 8 am and 9.30 am Please choose one to attend. Please sign up using this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiY_L7e1cyGNdEtRWnpFS1l3UGZRMHg4SGExdmZ1WGc&usp=sharing


Monday 21 October 2013 TERM 2


PD Title:Target Audience:

Room Location:


Session Focus: Teaching/Learning/Pastoral/Administrative/ MYP/DP

Outline of session:

Intended Outcomes

Humanities staff to act as group facilitators

National History Day. A vehicle for multi-disciplinary learningAll interested staff

(I would like for at least one interested party from each secondary school department. Heads of Department are most welcome)


8-9.30 AM


What is National History Day? Outline of the organisation and how it supports learning in the humanities, promotes critical thinking, independent research and academic competencyUnderstand how it can enhance the MYP and IBD

Gain an appreciation that it isn’t just about ‘doing history’ but encourages students to draw on all other departments/disciplines through a thematic enquiry.

Promotes academic competition and rigour

  1. 1.     Staff to identify opportunities to incorporate the NHD theme or theme  into their teaching units
  2. 2.     Use of the NHD assessment vehicles to provide a framework for enquiry based learning: Academic Paper; Performance; Website; Exhibit; Documentary

ALL STAFF: Please bring copies of your Departmental Planning; Scope and Sequence and Unit Plans for planning purposes

Provide an outline of NHD and raise awareness across the schoolProvide opportunity for cross curricular planning with Humanities in order to meet school wide targets

To promote the wider educational goals of NHD amongst secondary

Marc KosterEnglish

EE Supervisor

Report WritingInterested staff


Data projector

seating for audience

8-9.30 AM

I will go through a structure for writing descriptive reports.It is easy to follow and is quite practical for all subject areas Better quality of reports for end of current assessment period.Less stress for report writers, proof readers.

MYP Action Planning & Evidence gathering

Matter To Be Addressed  (Due Nov 29th 2013) Evidence required:
1. teachers plan collaboratively to create interdisciplinary units that strengthen cross curricular skills and deepen disciplinary understanding. Description of collaborative planning process in developing interdisciplinary units of work and common planning time dedicated to this process.
2. allocated meeting time is used systematically for collaborative planning and reflection. Schedule of dedicated time for teachers’ collaborative planning, with clear indication of frequency, duration, attendees and objectives of the allocated time.
3. for each subject offered, there is a subject specific vertical planner that identifies the content to be taught in each year of the programme to meet the MYP objectives For each subject a revised subject-specific vertical planner is submitted, identifying the content to be taught in each year of the programme, together with appropriate MYP objectives. The planning includes all year/grade levels that are offered in the school’s MYP.
4. MYP units of work demonstrate:ð     subject content

ð     conceptual understanding and skills

ð     alignment with the MYP subject objectives.

An example of an MYP unit of work for each subject group, demonstrating the aspects mentioned. The units of work should be taken from a variety of year levels.
5. standardization of assessment takes place within each subject group Description of the system for standardization of assessment in each subject group, including allocated meeting time and teachers involved.

Point 3 – Our current scope and sequences need to be adjusted. (the IB calls them subject-specific vertical planners.) We need to move the whole column for Significant Concepts and merge it with the Unit Question(s) column. And the new column will be for MYP Subject Specific Objectives, which can be found in your Subject Guide Books.


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