Student Council Open Mic for Philippines Charity Event and Casual Clothes Day.

GJIS Student Council Open Mic for Philippines Charity Event and casual clothes day

Open Mic Event during lunch

Last Friday our school held a ‘Student Council Open Mic for Philippines Charity Event and Casual Clothes Day’, this was entirely run by the Student Council and in parallel with the primary school who were holding a casual clothes day also in order to raise money for the Philippines. Given that our school just hosted a school from the Philippines for our biannual “feel the roar” sporting exchange it was even more appropriate.

What particularly impressed me was that when the principals were discussing how to respond with our Student Council leaders, it was the students who said that they felt that having a casual day and donating a small amount of money was too easy, they wanted something that required a bit more effort on the behalf of all the students. It was then that they suggested that they wanted to hold an “Open Mic” event and have students donate more money for favorite songs.

The students made the bookings, requested permission, arranged notifications via the student bulletin, facebook and student council twitter account. The arranged a set via volunteers and held their Open Mic event during lunch.

Altogether the students raised over 11 Million Rupiah ($1,000 USD) for aid to the Philippines in the wake of one of the greatest storms to hit the islands in recorded memory. The money will be transfer to our sister school, Southville School to donate to the most reliable and/or needy areas.

Compassion, initiative and critical thinking, this is truly the IB Learner Profile in action !


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