Upcoming GJIS Semester 1 Awards Assembly 2013

GJIS Semester 1 Awards Assembly will be held in the GJIS Theatre at 10.40am – 11.45am

We will be awarding certificates to the following;

  • Multiple Award Certificates to all MYP students who achieve a 7 in more then one subject,
  • to all students who achieved Certificates of Distinction in the ICAS Mathematics and/or ICAS Science competion,
  • Perfect Attendance Certificates to all students who have managed avoid recording any lates or absences for the whole Semester,
  • Certificates for Excellent Efforts in Community and Service, CnS,
  • Certificates for Excellent Efforts in Creativity, Action and Service, CAS,
  • Certificates for Exemplary Learner Profile Attributes during Year 7 Camp,
  • DP Subject Certificates to the ‘best student’ in each subject, and
  • DP Multiple Award winners,

We will give special mentions to;

  • all MYP students who achieve a 7 in any of their subjects, (and a Certificate of Excellence will be sent home in their report folders), and
  • all students who achieved a Credit in either ICAS Mathematics and/or ICAS Science competition.

We also have some Rugby Trophies to acknowledge adn some Swimming Certificates to hand out as well as some information about a new series of awards for an ARTS Perpetual Awards.


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