Friday Arrangements (Last day of Semester 1)

Friday Arrangements by P. Liam


Students may leave at 1.00pm and staff may leave at 1.30pm.


7.30-9.40 TG, Period 1 & 2 As normal
9.40-10.30 Break time Extended until 10.30am – Pak Edi will send out an updated duty list.

The Student Council may have an open mic for fund raising and your enjoyment.

10.40-11.45 Awards Assembly


From break time students start moving to Theatre at 10.30 to be seated by 10.40 (no bags no drinks)
11.50-12.30 Prayer As normal
12.30-1.00 Tutor Group and Report Distribution


Please do not hand out reports before this time.

Also do not allow students to leave TG before 1.00pm – the reason for this is that the Primary students have a staggered leaving time prior to 1.00pm and do not wish to get crushed in a stampede of secondary students.


About Pak Liam

Living, teaching and traveling in Asia.
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