IBAP Visit to Indonesia, April 10th-12th

IB emailAs you may be aware, the Jakarta Regional Network Visit will take place between April 10th and 12th. The visit will be attended by DP, MYP and PYP School Services Managers, Avalokita Nanda, Ashish Trivedi and Steven Wishart.

This initiative was launched in 2013 to provide increased opportunities for schools to interact with programme managers from the regional office. The visit will include a range of sessions / forums for school leadership/coordinators, teachers and parents such as:

  • IB Initiatives, new documentation, rules and regulations.
  • Regional office updates for school leadership, coordinators and teachers
  • IB Educator Network (IBEN) – Benefits to schools and teachers.
  • PYP, MYP and DP coordinators meetings
  • IBEN (workshop leaders/visiting team members) up skilling
  • “So you want to be an IBEN” – Information for experienced teachers wishing to apply to be part of IBEN.
  • Parent information evening
  • Authorisation/ Evaluation clinics
  • Dinners for IB Educators and Network Chairs
  • Governance Seminar for Heads and Governors/Owners (Please do make the best use of this professional development opportunity for your leadership team and members of school governing body) Registration click here[+]

All the above sessions/forums except the Governance Seminar will be hosted by British International School and Global Jaya International School, Jakarta.

As part of the event, the school services managers are open to visits to 2-3 schools on April 11. If you would like the IB staff to visit your school, please do let the Network Chairs know. These school visits are relaxed and informal. They provide an opportunity for schools to show programs, tour facilities and arrange interactive sessions with teachers and students.

As this is an initiative to support local networks, the network chairs, Ian Davies, Liam Hammer and Mary Collins have very kindly taken the responsibility of getting in touch with schools to finalise the event details. A detailed programme will be sent to you prior to the visit.

This is the first ever network visit being organized in Jakarta and we hope that you would encourage as many of your staff as possible to participate to make it a success.

Warm regards,

Marcia BehrenbruchRegional Head of School Services, Asia Pacific

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