Parents’ IB Continuum Workshop Coffee Morning at GJIS

parents workshopLast Saturday GJIS hosted another parents’ workshop coffee morning. We started with a plenary session titled “What is International Mindedness” followed by two breakout sessions with about 6 or 7 different workshop choices each.

In keeping with our school’s bilingual nature we had a mixture of workshops presented in English, Bahasa Indonesia and both!

The titles of the workshops were ‘Action in PYP’, ‘Learning ICT Programmes that students use in the PYP’, ‘The Language for Success: How to help your child be a more confident person’, ‘Inquiry in Maths in the PYP’, ‘Authentic Learning and Assessment in the PYP’, ‘Mobile Technology in MYP for more effective learning’, ‘Terbang Bersama Indonesian Literature’, ‘MYP Assessment, MYP the Next Chapter’, ‘University Application Process and other ways that SSS can help you!’ and ‘The Flipped classroom, an innovative way of learning’.

You may notice that some workshops were based on the IB programmes that we run at the school, but others were non IB based. Approximately 50 parents were in attendance and we hope that not only did they have a fun time, but that they also learned a little bit more about what we are trying to do here at GJIS. After all, education is a collaborative effort!

Note: All presentations are available for download from our school portal site. (password protected)

The Plenary Session “What is International Mindedness?”

Some of the breakout sessions.


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