ANPS Choir Competition at GJIS 2014

T&L in Indonesia

2014-04-22 10.03.39The choirs were very polished and sounded lovely. (19 choirs from about 15 different schools). Congratulations to all who attended, they all did a great job. All schools who attended received a lovely certificate to bring back to their school with. A very big thank-you to all who assisted in the organization of the day, the judges, teachers, parents, students and GJIS how hosted the event.

The winners are as follows;

Secondary School Entrants

1st Place – USBI Bogor

2nd Place – Sekolah Global Raya

3rd Place – Sekolah Global Mandiri

Primary School Entrants

1st Place – St John Catholic School

2nd Place – Global Sevilla

3rd Place – Global Mandiri

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