Latest Indonesian Government Regulations are not good news

I attended an ANPS meeting yesterday in which we were given the latest, signed copy of the government regulations for all schools in Indonesia. There are a number of implications for all of us. (eg: we have to apply the national curriculum, we cannot use the word “International” in our school names, all foreign students must study Indonesia culture and language lessons, all local students must take the Year 6,9 & 12 Exams, Indonesian students must study religion, civics, bahasa Indonesia and so on….). There are a couple of tricky/complicated things, but not necessarily anything impossible.

This is now law and we have until 1 Dec 2014 to comply or risk being shut down. For the moment we will study the regulations (of which we already had warning about) and we will be having about meeting with DIKNAS representative early next month to clarify.

You may download a copy of the regulations Signed Peraturan MenDikBud No. 31 Thn 2014


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9 Responses to Latest Indonesian Government Regulations are not good news

  1. Jason Graham says:

    Thanks for the post.. the govnt has made it tougher indeed. Also since the incident involving another Intl school, the visa process has also been tightened up, making it harder for some to obtain visas..

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Indeed so, unfortunately. Immigration have already done some spot checks on schools that I know about. A school in Bogor got found out that they had all their expat teachers on business visas… 7 teachers going home now… they are also carefully checking what your KITAS job is listed as, ie SMA English teacher cannot be teaching Art or Year 5 etc….

    • Can you confirm whether the school in question was a National Plus school or a language school? There was been some debate about the issue.

      • Pak Liam says:

        GJIS were also checked and were fine, Mentari were checked and the five immigration staff not only went over their paperwork but also asked to check that each person’s paperwork and picture matched their face.

      • Pak Liam says:

        It was a national plus school, I dont think the teachers have been sent home yet, but not a good situation for them.

  3. Pak Liam says:

    but don’t worry, after Dec 1 there will be no International schools anywhere in Indonesia… correct me if I am wrong, but even Sudan, Oman, and Kazakhstan have international schools, North Korea does not and now, Indonesia will not!

  4. Pak Liam says:

    Tonight, from 6-9 pm, some of our principals and others from international schools who run TK are invited to a meeting with the directorate general for PAUDNI (early childhood, formal and non formal education) who will socialize the law. Hope that we can clarify some of these matters asap.

  5. Pak Liam says:

    Tbilanguageachool, I do not know if it was a language school or a nat+ school. I will find out.

  6. Pak Liam says:

    That latest news direct from DIKNAS is that they still need to write an outline/guidelines (juklak and juknis) of how we have to meet the regulations, which is not ready yet. So no need to do anything until they do….

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