What’s in a name ? The end of ‘International Schools’ in Indonesia ?

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Yayasan Pendidikan Jaya is our umbrella organisation

The recent government regulations signed on the 9th of May “kerja sama penyelenggaraan dan pengelolaan pendidikan oleh lembaga pendidikan asing dengan lembaga pendidikan di indonesia” (or “The Regulations for Cooperation and the Implementation of Management Education by Foreign Educational Institutions with Educational Institutions in Indonesia”) has a stipulation in it that says SPK* schools (currently most of the national ‘international’ schools such as Global Jaya International School, SPH International, BINUS International School et al ) will no longer be allowed to use the word International in their name.

SPK dilarang mengguanakan kata Internasional untuk nama satuan pendidikan, program, kelas, dan/atau mata pelajaran.

BAB VII, Pasal 35

SPK schools are prohibited from using the word International to name educational units, programs, classes, and / or subjects.

Chapter VII, Article 35

The regulations state that there are now three types of schools in Indonesia;

  • PLI – Lembaga Pendidikan di Indoneisa – or National Schools
  • LPA – Lembaga Pendidikan Asing – Foreign Schools
  • SPK – Satuan Pendidikan Kerja Sama – Joint Cooperation Schools

So reading this, schools like British International School, The French International School and Singapore International Schools are OK. (Jakarta International School might need to clarify which country they represent and curriculum they use). But all those schools that used to be National Plus and become accredited as International Schools since 2010 are no longer allowed to be know as such.

In fact, even before this particular regulation was signed and socialized, I know that Mentari International School was told by their local departmental officials to remove the word International from their letterhead and school gate. (or else they would not sign their license for the year.

So what about Global Jaya International School ? We have SPK status, therefore we are no longer allowed to use the word International. Should we go back to being Sekolah Global Jaya, which was our name for ten years. However, we would worry that it would be seen as a backwards step, it has the connotation of being a National Plus school. Shall we just become Global Jaya or Global Jaya School ? To me that sounds more modern, it keeps our name of Global Jaya which is what everyone knows us as anyway!

What do you think ? Sekolah Global Jaya, Global Jaya School or perhaps you have a better suggestion ?


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7 Responses to What’s in a name ? The end of ‘International Schools’ in Indonesia ?

  1. Given the conundrum you’re facing, I think Global Jaya School probably represents your best option for continuity and recognition of the school. However, is it sufficient to show the distinction from a National school? Perhaps – after all, Global has connotations beyond Indonesia… but that may not always be recognised. Is a review of the tagline necessary as well, to highlight your SPK approach?

  2. Pak Liam says:

    Global Jaya is already fairly well known, certainly across Indonesia and also much of the IB world, I think we are OK with that as a name for the moment. Your point about revising our tagline is also a good one, I know that BINUS International School are revising their logo also. I guess we’ll take a wait and see approach for the moment because although this regulations has finally been signed a new government later this year may well change all of this again!

  3. Ahhh, the joys of politics! 🙂

    • Pak Liam says:

      Indeed! (and there is a whole lot more political element/undertone to this story that I am choosing to steer clear of)…

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  5. Andy Ghozali says:

    Pak Liam, in your opinion, is GJ a good school, I’m Indonesian, kids are born in New Zealand, however I have an opening in Jakarta that I would like to pursue. Would GJ be a good school for my 8 year olds who are not able to speak Indonesian.

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