IB and ANPS annouce an Early Years and Primary Years Teaching Synopsium

Dear Heads & Coordinators of Primary Schools,

On 6 September 2014, the IB will by holding a special Symposium in Bali to address teaching and learning for both Early Years and Primary Years students. Starting with a Plenary Speaker, Fiona Zinn, an expert in both Early and  Primary years, the Symposium will address all major areas of teaching. For more information & registration click here>>

The International Baccalaureate offers special symposia which are aimed at schools that wish to update teaching and learning practices. It is a great opportunity for Heads and teachers to attend sessions on Pedagogical leadership, Assessment and teaching and learning – to share ideas and gather information for schools.  If schools are considering opening Early Years sections, this is an excellent first step towards understanding what children at this stage require. If Early Years Centres are considering later years, eg Years 1 and 2, this is the moment to start that process.

For those schools that are beginning to look at the International Baccalaureate, these seminars will answer questions, start the journey and provide participants with practices and ideas to share with colleagues back at school.

Please note that this symposium involves a series of 1.5 hour sessions, which are different from the standard, 3-day regional workshops that the IB offers. Those are being held in Jakarta 29-31 August : For more information click here>>

We look forward to seeing you and your teachers at this informative PYP Early Years and Primary event.

Kind Regards,

Faizol Musa                                         Melissa Fahlman
Regional Development Manager             Professional Development Manager, Asia Pacific



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