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MYP eAssessment Update

Dear Pak Liam,

I want to update you regarding the ongoing development of MYP eAssessment. We reached a new important milestone with the live pilot that took place in May.

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Looking back at a successful live pilot

MYP eAssessment Live Pilot

Following three years of technological and academic development; and trials held in September 2013 and January 2014, the first complete on-screen examinations prepared for MYP year 5 students were piloted between 11-16 May 2015.

Sixty pioneering schools took part in the pilotwith more than 2,000 candidates and over 4,000 subject entries. Take a look at the video demonstration here to see how the MYP on-screen examinations work.

Overall, this was an extremely positive experience for the Internationational Baccalaureate (IB) and for IB World Schools.  The delivery of the eAssessments to schools went smoothly and with only a relatively small number of technical issues. Most of the issues were resolved very quickly with good collaboration between the schools and the support team in the IB Assessment Centre.

The live pilot session has given us the confidence that the IB can deliver a rigorous and globally consistent assessment for sixteen-year-old students. This new assessment model has great potential for increasing student achievement across the entire programme, and it will provide ongoing quality assurance and recognition for the MYP.

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Read about the next steps for MYP eAssessment in the new development report

A new development report has been published on the OCC that relates to decisions made about the programme through to April 2015: OCC home  >  MYP home >  MYP coordinators > eAssessment development.  This is the final development report before a comprehensive document is published in September, which will provide detailed guidance for IB validated assessment available from May 2016.

The May 2015 development report contains important decisions about the ongoing development of MYP eAssessment, in particular about arrangements being made for subjects assessed by ePortfolio and for mandatory moderation of the personal project. This report relates to external IB assessment leading to IB validated grades and has the following sections:

• Overview of ePortfolios
• Language acquisition ePortfolio requirements and guidance
• Arts ePortfolio requirements and guidance
• Physical and health education ePortfolio requirements and guidance
• Design ePortfolio requirements and guidance
• Personal project requirements and guidance
• Important dates for assessment in 2016

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Ongoing collaboration and sharing of information

The MYP continues to be a huge collaborative effort among the IB, IB World Schools and IB educators throughout all three IB regions. We invite you to continue sharing your valuable feedback and support via professional development workshops, regional conferences and online communities.

Upcoming MYP information sessions and events:
IB Conference of the Americas – MYP eAssessment Update session
• Coming soon: MYP eAssemblies – series of free webinars for MYP school leaders and other MYP community members to ‘get up close and personal’ with MYP eAssessment.

With kind regards,

Gareth Hagerty,
Head of MYP Assessment



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