MYP Personal Project

“The personal project is an opportunity for students to develop their known strengths and discover new ones. It allows them to explore the extent to which they are developing the attributes of the IB learner profile and becoming lifelong learners, as described in the IB mission statement.”

 MYP Personal project guide 2011, “Introduction to MYP personal project” pg2

At GJIS we require all students to submit a proposal form for their personal project before starting. You can download the form here. PERSONAL PROJECT PROPOSAL and sample 2012-13

All students must maintain a PP Journal, this can be electronic, such as a series of documents, or a blog, or a paper diary or journal, even an audio journal. Here is an example of how to structure it. Example of a Personal Project Meeting Record Form-2

More Posts about the MYP Personal Project

MYP Personal Project Exhibition

Other schools who have invited us to visit and watch their PP Exhibitions.

  • Tunas Muda
  • SPH-Sentul
  • SPH-Lippo Village


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