Geological Museum, Bandung

The Geological Museum in Bandung or Museum Geologi

Museum Geologi,
Jl. Dipenogoro No. 57
Bandung – 40122
West Java, Indonesia
phone : +62 22 7213822








Opening hours : Opens every day from 9:00 am to 03:00 pm Friday, except on Friday and on national holidays.
Entrance fee : 200,000 IDR for adults and 150,000 for students.

Almost 100 years old, this is a national heritage building. There is several wings and floors to this Museum. Apparently one of the largest museum of its kind in South East Asia. It houses large rock collections, dinosaur skeletons and meteorites, including a large collection of fossils, of which ~6000 are on display and the other 250,000 are kept in a safe, including the first modern human being skull (fossil), the skeleton fossils of prehistoric animals, and a 156 kg meteorite that landed on March 30, 1884 at Jatipelangon, Madiun.

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