Schmutzer Primate Centre

Primate Centre Jakarta Ragunan Zoo

Primate Centre Jakarta Ragunan Zoo

The Schmutzer Primate Centre, Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta was opened in 2000 and made possible by a donation from the late Pauline Antoinette Adeline Schmutzer as a gift to Indonesia. Unlike the rest of the zoo, the centre has large, natural enclosures for the animals, with an overhead covered bridge for the gorillas. 

Apart from the gorillas, the enclosures also include orang utangs, chimpanzees and other primates. It is a little run down now.

A small additional fee is required after entering the zoo. (it is in the order of 12,000 Rp ). Sensibly all food and drinks are banned from the entire centre, so visitors cannot throw food or rubbish at the animals, which, sadly, happens in the rest of the park.

Address: Kompleks Taman Margasatwa Ragunan, Jl. RM. Harsono no. 1, Ragunan, South Jakarta 12550. Phone: (021) 7805280, (021) 7806975, Fax: (021) 7805280

Open hours: Everyday, 07:00am to 17:00pm

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