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Reflection on IB Biology Category 3 Workshop

Having just spent the last three days at a Category 3 Workshop for IB Biology educators at United World College, Singapore I feel refreshed, inspired and excited to get back to my IB Biology classes at school. This particular workshop … Continue reading

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White Boarding

White boarding is a term used to describe the student use of a 3’ x 2’ sheet of tile board to record group work. White boarding was first used in physics classes (Wells, Hestenes, and Swackhamer, 1995). White boarding requires … Continue reading

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Pedagogy vs Andragogy

A colleague recently sent me a pdf file (link out of date, try this one) titled “Pedagogy vs Andragogy” which was contrasting and comparing  the different approaches to learning. Andragogy was originally defined as the art and science of teaching adults how to learn by … Continue reading

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