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Grade 9 ‘Try Outs’ Exams canceled

I just got a confirmation from local government that the Grade 9 Try Out for next week is cancelled. Therefore, on Tuesday and Wednesday Grade 9 students will study as normal. We are still going to  receive the test papers … Continue reading

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Further clarification/confusion about the new Government Regulations – 31/2014

The following is a rough transcript of some meeting notes chaired by the Ditjen PAUDNI, Dr Lydia Freyani Hawadi, on the 22nd of May in Jakarta to socialize the new regulations 31/2014 signed 23rd Apri,l 2014 by the Minister of … Continue reading

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What’s in a name ? The end of ‘International Schools’ in Indonesia ?

The recent government regulations signed on the 9th of May “kerja sama penyelenggaraan dan pengelolaan pendidikan oleh lembaga pendidikan asing dengan lembaga pendidikan di indonesia” (or “The Regulations for Cooperation and the Implementation of Management Education by Foreign Educational Institutions … Continue reading

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