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Year 10 Fashion Show as Personal Project

Well done !

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A slideshow of GJIS’ 2013 Personal Project Exhibition

Sighhhhhhhhh. We’re done! A very large thank-you to all the PP supervisors, teachers who advised, admin and cleaning staff assisting with set up, teachers who visited the Exhibition today and anyone who assisted or was even just inconvenienced by all … Continue reading

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Personal Project Supervisors must be careful

Personal Project Supervisors must be careful to ensure that a student’s proposal or ideas are safe. Here is a delightful example of a proposal that we had to disallow, for obvious reasons!

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One of the biggest IB Teacher Conferences in the world!

Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been. Wayne Gretzky Our keynote speaker, Dr Stephen Druggan from Jakarta International School used the above quote from Wayne Gretzky, my Canadian friends tell me he is probably … Continue reading

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Evaluating your MYP, a workshop in preparation for our MYP School Visit

I’m currently in Melbourne for the next three days, attending an IB Regional Workshop called “Evaluating your MYP”, this is a workshop specially for preparation IB School Visits.

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