favourite videos

last updated 26th April 2012

Area of Interaction (AoI)

Approaches to Learning or ATLs: The Hidden Curriculum


 Blackadder II: Advanced Maths Ma and Pa Kettle Math


 Dawkins makes an Eye (Evolution)
 Southpark Evolution   *Warning, may offend some people*


 Medieval Help Desk Medieval help desk with English subtitles
 Everyone – Think Before You Post Wikipedia is the best thing, ever!   Correct tone for an email Tech support

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

 Cement mixer  (Perspectives & TOK)


 Baldrik’s war poems


 Traditional Teaching – Ferris BuellerThe 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Educators


 Mr D’s explanation of how to assess work

TED Talks

Brain Development and TV


last updated 19th June 2012

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