Calvin and Hobbes Cartoons

I could not agree more.

I recently picked up a couple of old Calvin and Hobbes books from the newly re-opened Book Warehouse on Broadway, and have since put aside my “grown-up books” to read one of my favourite comic strips of all time. What amazes me about Bill Watterson’s creation is just how timeless it is. Nothing seems dated, and the Fight Club-esque  juxtaposition of unruly and clever Calvin with even-keeled and sophisticated Hobbes provides the perfect lens to observe childhood through.

Having just completed my first year of working in a school, I found myself particularly enjoying the stories that involve Calvin writing tests or daydreaming at school, procrastinating the completion of his homework at home, or having Hobbes do his work for him. Here are  a few of my favourites.

Calvin and Hobbes on the ever-quoted buzzphrase, 21st century learning:


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