ANPS Teachers’ Conference Jakarta 2015


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New Regulations for International and National Plus Schools in Indonesia Expained

SVP; Educating for a better world

There is a raft of new regulations pertaining to schools and education in Indonesia. I do not intend to go into the politics of why or how, rather that they are now signed into law and that schools must comply. (despite the number of people who think that a bribe or work around will suffice, as they have in the past most schools are finding many aspects of these new regulations challenging)

For instance, one of the most obvious changes is that word ‘International’ is no longer permitted, as of Dec 1st 2014, for any school in Indonesia. Jakarta International School and British International School are two of the biggest, or most high profile schools, and they have already changed their names to Jakarta Intercultural School and British School, Jakarta. 

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Sekolah Victory Plus to trial the use of balance balls (or Yoga balls) in the classroom

Learn more about Sekolah Victory Plus trailing the use of balance balls in the classroom to improve learning and attention. Truly the most innovative school in Jakarta!

SVP; Educating for a better world

We have recently been researching a number of articles that discuss the use of Yoga balls in the classroom to replace chairs. Ms. Bardwell’s class at Forest City Elementary School sit on Yoga Balls during lessons and she reports that she is noticing a difference in the students behaviour and concentration. (Teacher ditches chairs for yoga balls in class, sees student improvement) and Principal, Pam George, of Lincoln Junior High School in Naperville, Illinois, said that’s one of the reasons they are pleased with the ball chairs is that they are reasonable cost effective compared to good chairs, but they have the added benefit of improving concentration as well as assisting with students good posture. Early concerns about kids playing on them or distracting others proved unfounded, she said in Exercise Balls in the Classroom? 

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Have you visited my new SVP blog yet ?

SVP blog

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Ongoing improvements and building work at SVP

Continuous improvements at Sekolah Victory Plus.

SVP; Educating for a better world

2014-11-11 06.33.21You may have noticed that something is happening in the foyer of Sekolah Victory Plus, Kemang Pratama – Bekasi. At SVP we are always looking for ways to improve and therefore we have started building some new offices for the administration staff at the front of the school. The new administration area will be larger, more comfortable and easier to locate as you enter the school. 

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Authentic Assessment Presentation at Sekolah Victory Plus

SVP; Educating for a better world

PALs AALast Friday we held another Parents As Learners (PALs) Morning Tea/Workshop, the title was “Authentic Assessment” and it was presented by our two Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinators, Ibu Early and Ibu Aini. 

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SVP Primary Religious Annual Camp

SVP; Educating for a better world

religious camp at Sekolah Victory Plus, best school in East Jakarta & Bekasi Religious Instruction

Each year at Sekolah Victory Plus (SVP) we hold a Religious Camp for all children in Grades 4,5 and 6. Now, it is important to note that at Sekolah Victory Plus we have representatives of five of the six official religions recognised by the Indonesian government. (Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism and Buddhism but we do not yet have any teachers or students who follow Confucianism). 

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Sekolah Victory Plus’ Open House II

Sekolah Victory Plus’ Open House II.

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SVP Teacher Professional Development Seminar

Next week our teachers from Sekolah Victory Plus will be recharging their minds and bodies at a professional development seminar on Thursday and Friday.

Soul Mind Synergy

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English Placement Tests for teachers at SVP

This week we have been focused on all teachers in the school sitting English Placement tests at Sekolah Victory Plus school.

ECE : 17 teachers
Primary: 36 teachers
Secondary: 22 teachers

TOTAL: 75 teachers*

* several part time teachers will complete the test tomorrow or later this week.

We will then encourage teachers who want to improve to enrol in a Victory English Course (VEC) next Term. Later a number of our teachers will also be sitting for their Cambridge English tests. (Similar to IELTS or TOEFL).


1. If we improve our teachers English standards and consistency we can ultimately improve the Teaching and Learning at our school.

2. We want to model the IB Learner Profile of Knowledgeable and Communicators as well as our own Vision of creating ‘life long learners’

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