Examples of CnS

Example of Suitable CnS Activities. (This list is not exhaustive, you may be able to think of your own ideas.)

Assistant Teachers in the primary school – They may listen to students read, assist in completing work sheets, run messages for teachers, organize photocopying, almost anything that a teacher needs to do during the day.

Teaching English in Local Schools

Assisting in the Library – cataloging books, tidying up.

Beach cleaning – as done on Pramuka Island Field trip

Organise a Day of Action – as done by a group of year 10 students regarding Kony2012

Playing with children in an Orphanage

Attend the school’s CnS Camp to Bogor – you will teach English and organise sports tournaments for local students.

Attend a Camps International Community and Service trip to Cambodia – Our school has a partnership with Camps International who run CnS trips all over the world, including Africa, Malaysia and Cambodia. Currently we are trying to organise an annual trip to Cambodia. Rebuilding a collapsed dam and teaching English at a local school are two possible projects

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