Science Resources & Links

click on the thumb nails to open the webpages described.

Green Pea Analogy for Avogrado’s Number A slide presentation I created to help students visualize Avogadro’s Number. Download the file to make full use of the animations.

Inspiration and numbers from Shaun Urban’s Teaching resources webpage here

MrT’s Biology Resources (formerly a Biology teacher at Bandung International School)  – an excellent and up to date resource, specifically designed for IB Biology students, contains animations, notes, worksheets and videos.

National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (NCCSTS) – From the Buffalo State University a variety of case studies and clicker case powerpoints for case study teaching and problem based learning. Suitable for Biology, Chemistry and Geology teachers.

Khan Academy is a series of videos teaching students how to do certain skills, maths, physics, chemistry feature heavily in these ‘learn at home’ videos, suitable for students or teachers.

Access Excellence is a webpage specifically for Biology teachers, it contains teaching ideas, worksheets and activities for Biology teachers.


Field Studies Council is a website based in the UK, but has loads of resources, powerpoints, identification charts and field guides for ecology. Teacher activities included.

100 Video Sites for Teachers – self explanatory, really.


The Scale of the Universe – Interactive
The above interactive flash animation, a modern version of the classic video Powers of Ten, is a new window to many of the known scales of our universe.

last updated 13th March 2012

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