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What’s in a name ? The end of ‘International Schools’ in Indonesia ?

The recent government regulations signed on the 9th of May “kerja sama penyelenggaraan dan pengelolaan pendidikan oleh lembaga pendidikan asing dengan lembaga pendidikan di indonesia” (or “The Regulations for Cooperation and the Implementation of Management Education by Foreign Educational Institutions … Continue reading

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Latest Indonesian Government Regulations are not good news

I attended an ANPS meeting yesterday in which we were given the latest, signed copy of the government regulations for all schools in Indonesia. There are a number of implications for all of us. (eg: we have to apply the national curriculum, … Continue reading

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How to get that job in an International school

Definitely a good idea to get a year or two teaching under your belt in your home country first, but some people get jobs straight out of teachers college or uni, just depends. Then you have a couple of options … Continue reading

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Indonesian Govenment Education Reforms or Reactions

A website called International Schools Review has just published the following ‘breaking news’ Teaching in Indonesia May Be Out Next Year! In 2013 an alarming education policy will take effect in Indonesia. The new legislation, Peraturan Pemerintah Republik Indonesia Nomor 17 tahun … Continue reading

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Schools selling advertisment space on report cards

Schools need to meet budgets, the cost of running a school is high. So where to get the money ? If the government is not handing out any more funding schools have to seek the money from parents, raising school … Continue reading

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