Drug free and non-HIV+ teachers

One of the regulations in the SPK law states that teachers should be free of drugs and not be HIV+ (lumped together in the same paragraph, unfortunately, because the two are completely different conditions)

However, I can attest that now that means that, at least for my school in our recent ‘supervision’ assessment from BAN that all teachers and staff, including administration and even the school bus driver, were required to visit a state hospital and have a blood test.

Oh, and we had to pay that cost too. (around 200,000 Rp per person)

I am unsure about what will happen if a teacher fails that test, but I imagine they will not be keeping their job. 😦




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One Response to Drug free and non-HIV+ teachers

  1. cetakankue says:

    Jauhkan dari namanya drugs dan HIV say no.. 😀

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