SPK school? Now you need to be accredited.

SPK schools are supposed to register for validation, supervision and accreditation. The school I work at recently underwent validation, supervision and accreditation for our Early Years Education Division. (or TK in Indonesian terms)
This involves the checking and assessing of lots of documents by officials from BAN  (Badan Akrreditasi Nasional). We were happy to finally receive our ‘A’ rating but an interesting tale relates to this process.

Firstly, when the officials arrived they produced a paper version of a document that we had not seen before. It was the criteria. Now, everything we know about fair and transparent assessment practises would suggest that criteria be made available prior to the assessment (or documentation submission) but not, it seems, in this case.
In fact, if I go to the BAN website and try to download their criteria, the most recent document appears to be from 2012.
The next interesting fact relates to this criteria. We already know that a Principal or Vice Principal must have a Master degree or S2 qualification. However, According to the new criteria this is only the minimum standard, to gain the highest rating, according to BAN a Principal must have a Doctorate or S3.

Also during our meeting, Ibu Nurul, a local representative from POKJA who assisted us with submitting our documents to BAN  (Badan Akrreditasi Nasional) mentioned that not so many international (sic) schools have registered their schools for the SPK accreditation, therefore, our school  has been chosen to be one of the model schools to help BAN   in socializing this program.


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