IB and ANPS annouce an Early Years and Primary Years Teaching Synopsium

Dear Heads & Coordinators of Primary Schools,

On 6 September 2014, the IB will by holding a special Symposium in Bali to address teaching and learning for both Early Years and Primary Years students. Starting with a Plenary Speaker, Fiona Zinn, an expert in both Early and  Primary years, the Symposium will address all major areas of teaching. Continue reading

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ANPS Bali Leadership Conference

BF14-Rev Flyer

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GJIS Art & Design Exhibition at BXchange

Dear GJIS Community,

We invite you and your family to come along to view our students Artwork (PYP, MYP and DP)

ART GJISWhere  :                              Bintaro XChange Mall Ground Floor

When :                                17-22 June 2014

What time :                       10.00 am-8 pm

Hope to see you there!

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GJIS hosts YIS: a teacher collaboration

Over the last two weeks Global Jaya International School has hosted a dozen teachers from Yogjakarta International School, whom are a candidate school for IB MYP. The programme involved the teachers being given a tour of the school, observing a number of lessons, observing Arts Fest Week preparations and a MUN General Assembly. They then had sevaral meetings with staff from their various subject areas to ask questions and share Unit Plans, Assessment tasks and other ideas.

The subject areas represented were; History, Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesia, Arts, French, Mandarin, Spanish, IT, PE, Design and Science.

We feel that collaborating like this shows that Global Jaya teachers are actually living the IB Learner Profile and that assisting other schools in the region with their MYP journey helps strengthen IB MYP overall in Indonesia, as well as giving a good name to Global Jaya as leaders of IB education in Indonesia



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Further clarification/confusion about the new Government Regulations – 31/2014

The following is a rough transcript of some meeting notes chaired by the Ditjen PAUDNI, Dr Lydia Freyani Hawadi, on the 22nd of May in Jakarta to socialize the new regulations 31/2014 signed 23rd Apri,l 2014 by the Minister of Education and Culture, Muhammad Nuh. Approx 44 schools that have kindergartens or playgroups were invited and in attendance.

Continue reading

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All MYP Category 2 Workshops in Jakarta have been confirmed

Here is an update on the MYP workshops in Jakarta in August 29-31. We sent an email to all MYP coordinators to remind them to register before the school holidays. All workshops are now confirmed which is great: The numbers are the participant numbers so far. One more for Design would make it perfect!!  Let’s say…it is “practically perfect”. PYP is not that well supported and we are hoping for improved registrations over the next few weeks. Continue reading

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ARTS FEST 2014 – Visual Arts Exhibition

ARTS FEST 2014 - global jaya ART SHOW

Arts Fest – Visual Arts Exhibition is on all week in the Theatre Foyer and Wings, there is a variety of visual art mediums, including film. Please feel free to drop by anytime!


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Global Jaya’s ARTS FEST 2014

Monday evening's performance was Music

Monday evening’s performance was Music

If you missed last night’s performance, then silly you. It was fantastic, it was stupendous, it was amazing and our students are sensational! Everyone’s hands were sore from all the clapping and cheering. You will be asking your friends about the departing teachers’ farewell song and how did Dr Who and Diploma Vader figure into it all, you will be wondering why Broadway do not just contact Elhaq directly to work for them on Phantom of the Opera, you will be wondering why all the staff, students and parents are humming Livin’ La Vida Loca which was sung by 24/7. You will not know that “The Flight of the Bumblebee” is a stirring piece of classical music written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and performed admirably on stage on a beautiful Baby Grand Piano.

Do not miss Wednesday’s Fashion Show or Friday’s Sister Act, as you will regret it.




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What’s in a name ? The end of ‘International Schools’ in Indonesia ?

new logo Global Jaya

Yayasan Pendidikan Jaya is our umbrella organisation

The recent government regulations signed on the 9th of May “kerja sama penyelenggaraan dan pengelolaan pendidikan oleh lembaga pendidikan asing dengan lembaga pendidikan di indonesia” (or “The Regulations for Cooperation and the Implementation of Management Education by Foreign Educational Institutions with Educational Institutions in Indonesia”) has a stipulation in it that says SPK* schools (currently most of the national ‘international’ schools such as Global Jaya International School, SPH International, BINUS International School et al ) will no longer be allowed to use the word International in their name. Continue reading

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Latest Indonesian Government Regulations are not good news

I attended an ANPS meeting yesterday in which we were given the latest, signed copy of the government regulations for all schools in Indonesia. There are a number of implications for all of us. (eg: we have to apply the national curriculum, we cannot use the word “International” in our school names, all foreign students must study Indonesia culture and language lessons, all local students must take the Year 6,9 & 12 Exams, Indonesian students must study religion, civics, bahasa Indonesia and so on….). There are a couple of tricky/complicated things, but not necessarily anything impossible.

This is now law and we have until 1 Dec 2014 to comply or risk being shut down. For the moment we will study the regulations (of which we already had warning about) and we will be having about meeting with DIKNAS representative early next month to clarify.

You may download a copy of the regulations Signed Peraturan MenDikBud No. 31 Thn 2014

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